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Rating 5 C.W. review about Dr. Pental

Excellent results! I always have a positive experience with Doctor Pentel and all of her team. They really care about you as a patient and make you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend The Spa and Laser Center at Southside Dermatology to anyone.
The Spa & Laser Center at Southside Dermatology
Rating 5 C.W. review about Dr. Pental

I am no longer nervous about what I wear when I am giving a presentation thanks to the miraDry procedure. I have always suffered from excessive under arm sweating and it has affected my job and personal life. After having miraDry that is no longer an issue. The staff explained the procedure thoroughly and I knew exactly what to expect. I would recommend this treatment to anyone that suffers from excessive underarm sweating!
Miradry Jacksonville - Sweaty Armpit The Spa and Laser Center at Southside Dermatology is THE laser center for Jacksonville, Florida area residents. Dr. Mary Pentel and her team of associates work hard to provide a wide selection of treatments and options for their patients. Patients who struggle with sweat ruining their clothes and their confidence are a great fit for treatment.

While many patients who sweat even after applying antiperspirants have visited our practice for Botox injections, there is now another way available: miraDry.

What is miraDry?

Miradry Jacksonville - miraDry Video miraDry is a revolutionary way for sweating patients to safely and effectively treat their condition in the underarm area. Without the use of toxins or injections, patients can now ban underarm sweat for good! The treatment uses a special device that is applied to the area after marking and numbing to provide excellent results. Patients who have treatment done with miraDry will enjoy permanent reduction in the amount of sweat in the underarm area. miraDry works by using heating and cooling together to target sweat glands and destroy them – keeping them from producing sweat ever again! The technology is safe and has been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, giving our patients peace of mind.

Why miraDry?

Dr.Pentel on FSCL 08 Simply put, miraDry works. It targets the source of the problem –sweat glands – and keeps them from producing sweat using today’s amazing technology. miraDry eliminates the need for regular injections with Botox or the excessive use of messy antiperspirants. The results are permanent and patients who have undergone treatment are extremely pleased with how they are able to return to a better quality of life!

If you’re tired of sweating through your favorite clothes or only wearing dark fabrics, now is the time to take charge of your day-to-day life using miraDry. Dr. Mary Pentel and the team of The Spa and Laser Center at Southside Dermatology encourage you to book an appointment and learn more about this effective and safe technology now available! Contact her practice today at (904) 474-3777 to schedule an appointment.

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"Both from a medical and cosmetic standpoint, I have been most pleased with knowledge, efficiency and courtesy of Dr. Pentel and all support staff."

~ D.C.

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